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Lesson: Working with Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit

Video: Calculating and Interpreting the Equation of a Line of Best Fit from a Scatterplot


Worksheet: Working with Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit • 9 Questions


The scattergraph shows the body mass, measured in kilograms, against the average brain mass, measured in grams, for 15 species of mammals.

Give the approximate brain mass of the point that is most likely to represent an outlier.

  • A700 g
  • B50 g
  • C g
  • D450 g
  • E520 g

Which species of mammals do you think this point is most likely to represent?

  • Aelephant
  • Bchimpanzee
  • Chuman
  • Dhorse
  • Ecow


The scattergraph shows the average gestation period, measured in days, against the average brain mass of an adult, measured in grams, for 13 species of mammals.

What type of correlation appears to exist between the gestation period and the brain mass?

  • Aa positive linear correlation
  • Ba negative linear correlation

What is the correct interpretation of this relationship?

  • AA greater brain mass leads to a longer gestation period.
  • BIn general, as the gestation period increases, so too does the brain mass.
  • CIn general, as the gestation period decreases, the brain mass increases.
  • DIn general, as the gestation period increases, the brain mass decreases.


The following scatter diagram shows the test results of two exams for a class of 26 students. If Helen got 84 on exam 1, which of the following would you expect to be her score for exam 2?

  • A70
  • B92
  • C86
  • D50
  • E60


The following scatterplot shows the heights and weights of 24 students in a class. Use the scatter graph to determine which of the following would be the best estimate for the weight of a person who has a height of 150 cm.

  • A40 kg
  • B36 kg
  • C53 kg
  • D100 kg
  • E30 kg


A linear regression model of the form has been fitted to the data shown. Which of the following statements are true about the values of and in the fitted regression model?

  • A,
  • B,
  • C,
  • D,
  • E,