Lesson: Percentage Change

In this lesson, we will learn how to calculate the percentage change between two quantities that have increased or decreased.



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Worksheet: Percentage Change • 19 Questions • 5 Videos


A sports club’s entry ticket on a weekday costs $40, and, on the weekend, it costs $48. Determine the percentage discount to the nearest percent if Nader goes to the club on a weekday instead of a weekend.


A shop is having a sale on bicycles, where the original price of the bicycle is $195, and its sale price is $164.73. Determine the percentage discount to the nearest percent.


Find the percent of change from $735 to $545, rounding your answer to the nearest whole percent. Is this change an increase or a decrease?


Determine, to the nearest whole percent, the percent of change of $186.40 to $235. State whether it is an increase or a decrease.


At last year’s half marathon, Nader’s time was 2 hours and 6 minutes. This year, he ran the half marathon in 1 hour and 59 minutes. What percent of his previous time is this? Give your answer correct to one decimal place.


A 40-metre piece of cloth shrinks by 1 5 % . What is the length of the cloth after shrinking?


Find the simple interest earned on a savings account where $5,600 is deposited for 7 years if the interest rate is 1 0 % per year.


A salesman earned an annual salary of $34,550. This year, his salary will increase by 2 0 % . Determine the amount of money he will earn by the end of the year.


The table shows the number of hours Sarah spent babysitting during the months of April and May. If she charges $6.50 per hour, determine the percent of change in the amount of money earned in that time period and whether it is an increase or a decrease.

Month April May
Hours Worked 40 50


A company spends 4 5 % of its expenditure on staff. Given that staff expenditure amounts to 13.5 million dollars, calculate the total expenditure of the company in millions of dollars. Give your answer correct to one decimal place if necessary.


Last year, Fares could walk 4 miles in 100 minutes. Today, he can walk 4 miles in 80 minutes. Determine the percent of change and state whether it is an increase or a decrease.


At the start of a sale, Sally’s Shoes reduces prices by . After one week, the sale prices are reduced again by .

Yara’s Footwear reduces its prices by at the start of the sale and then, after a week, reduces the sale prices by .

Compare the overall reduction in the two shops after week one of the sale.


In 2000, a seminar’s attendance was about 43,900 people. If the attendance grew 1 3 % from 2000 to 2005, what was the approximate attendance in 2005?


Nabil invested $2 800 in a new business. Given that, after 27 months, he earned $630, determine the interest rate that was agreed upon.


In a bank, the interest rate is per year. How much would Nader earn if he deposited $5 985 in his savings account for years? Round your answer to the nearest cent.


Mona wants to invest an amount of $1 400. Her bank offers two savings plans that use simple interest. Account A has an interest of over 24 months, and Account B has an interest of over 12 months. If she wants to have $1 600 by the end of the term, determine which account will help her achieve her goal.


Sameh deposited $6 800 into his bank account, which earned simple interest. How much will he have in his account after 19 years?


Dina bought new clothes for $360 for a new job using a credit card with an interest rate of . Determine the amount of money she will owe the bank if she makes no other charges on the card and does not pay off the balance at the end of the month.


Sherif has $2 100 and he wants to save up to buy a car. Sherif’s goal is to have $4 000 after 9 years. Is this possible if he invests with a simple rate of return of ?


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