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Lesson: Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Whole Number

Sample Question Videos

Worksheet • 10 Questions • 3 Videos


Round 4 4 1 7 to the nearest unit.


In July, 1976, a Lockheed SR-71A set the record for jet speed at 2 1 9 3 . 1 6 7 miles per hour. Round this speed to the nearest mile per hour.


What is 2 0 3 ÷ 1 0 0 ? Round your answer to the nearest 100.


The Gila monster and the chuckwalla are lizards that can be found in the United states. The largest Gila monsters are about 60 cm in length, the largest common chuckwallas are about 39 cm in length. Approximately how many times longer is a large Gila monster than a large common chuckwalla?

  • A1.54 times longer
  • B1.35 times longer
  • C2.00 times longer
  • D1.53 times longer
  • E1.45 times longer


Round 6 8 3 6 5 3 to the nearest whole number.


Round 9 5 3 9 4 7 to the nearest whole number.


It took Adam 11 months to develop a mobile application. If he got paid $24 979.71, find, on average, Adam’s monthly payment rounded to the nearest dollar.


In the United States, about 1.64 million people speak French as their primary language. Round this number to the nearest million.


Mona paid $1 695 for carpeting her living room’s floor. If Mona’s living room has an area of 464.7 square feet, determine, to the nearest cent, the unit cost of carpeting in dollars per square foot.


Dina and Mona ran a marathon which was 26.2 miles. Dina finished in 3.54 hours, while Mona finished in 3.89 hours. How many miles per hour did each of them run? Round the answer to the nearest hundredth.

  • ADina: 7.40 mph, and Mona: 6.74 mph
  • BDina: 0.74 mph, and Mona: 0.67 mph
  • CDina: 74.01 mph, and Mona: 67.35 mph
  • DDina: 7.90 mph, and Mona: 7.24 mph
  • EDina: 8.50 mph, and Mona: 7.84 mph