Lesson: Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number

In this lesson, we will learn how to multiply a fraction by a whole number, expressing the answer in simplest form.

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Worksheet: Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number • 21 Questions • 1 Video


Nader ate of a cake. If the cake was cut into 21 slices, how many slices did Nader eat?


Ramy is inviting 7 friends over for his wife’s birthday party. He wants to make sure he has enough pizza so each friend can have of a pizza. About how many pizzas should he get?


Dalia had 70 LE to spend at the market. She spent 2 5 of her money on meat and 1 5 of her money on vegetables. How much did she spend in total?


A farmer plants rice in 3 5 of a field. The field has an area of 85 feddans. What area of the field has rice planted in it?


Calculate 1 5 × 6 1 1 .


1 5 of the 45 students in a cooking class are studying to be chefs. How many students is this?


There were 15 birds on a tree, but a third of them flew away. Find the number of the birds that flew away.


Salinas, California, received rain on 3 1 0 of the days in January. If this pattern continues, for the next 90 days, on how many would you expect it to rain?


The pie chart shows a survey on a group of students’ favourite genres of music. Suppose 765 students were surveyed. Determine how many teens prefer either jazz or pop.


A sports teacher asked 56 students what their favourite sport was. He found that 1 2 of them like football best, 1 4 of them like swimming best, and 1 4 of them like volleyball best. How many students like football best?


Yara wants to finish of a book by the end of this week. The book has 271 pages. About how many pages does she need to read to finish on time?


Maged usually drinks at least eight glasses of water per day. About how many glasses of water would he drink if he drank the number of glasses he usually drinks?


A man had 600 LE that he shared between the members of his family. The table shows the fraction of the money each person received. How much money did he give Michael?

Family Members Michael Scarlett Victoria Isabella
Ratio 2 5 1 1 0 1 5 3 1 0


The Tour de France is a cycling race through France that lasts 21 days. If a cyclist averages 104 miles per day, about how far does he travel?


Calculate eleven-fourths of 1,000.


Adam is one-fourth the age of his father, and Fady’s age is three-quarters that of Adam. Given that their father is 64 years old, find their ages.


Find the equivalent to 1 1 0 million pounds.


Ramy ate of a cake. If the cake was cut into 10 slices, how many slices did Ramy eat?


Calculate 1 6 × 7 .


Calculate 4 7 × 5 .


Calculate 1 1 × 1 3 .


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