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Lesson: Variables and Constants

Worksheet • 8 Questions


The equation 𝑛 = 1 2 𝑣 shows the total number of flowers Yara has in relation to the number of vases she owns. The variable 𝑣 represents the number of vases she has, and the variable 𝑛 represents the total number of flowers. If Yara has 5 vases, how many flowers does she have?


The equation shows the number of cakes Sameh baked in relation to the number of hours he spent baking them. The variable represents the number of hours spent baking the cakes, and the variable represents the number of cakes baked. How many cakes did Sameh make if he spent 7 hours baking?


The equation shows the relation between the number of socks and the number of shoes Adam owns, where represents the number of socks, and represents the number of shoes. If Adam has 5 socks, how many shoes does he have?


Determine whether the following statement is true or false: In π‘š + 3 9 , the variable π‘š can have any value.

  • Afalse
  • Btrue


Which one of the following expressions does not belong with the others?

  • A 8 Γ— π‘₯
  • B 7 + 4
  • C 5 β‹… 6
  • D 3 Γ— 3
  • E 5 Γ· 5


The equation 𝑑 = 8 β„Ž shows the number of ice cream cones served by an ice cream truck in a number of hours. The variable β„Ž represents the number of hours, and the variable 𝑑 represents the number of ice cream cones served. How many ice cream cones were served after 2 hours?


The equation can be used to calculate the total number of CDs Engy had listened to days after she started working as a music producer. How many CDs had Engy listened to one day after she started her job?


What terminology do we use to describe the 𝑦 in 1 6 𝑦 ?

  • Aa variable
  • Ba coefficient
  • Ca term
  • Da constant
  • Ean expression