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Lesson: Kinetic Molecular Theory

Worksheet • 3 Questions


Under which of the following conditions does a real gas behave most like an ideal gas?

  • AHigh temperature, low pressure
  • BLarge volume, low temperature
  • CHigh pressure, small volume
  • DSmall volume, low temperature
  • ELow temperature, high pressure


All gases can condense into a liquid or solid below a critical temperature 𝑇 C . Which of the following statements is true?

  • ABelow 𝑇 C , the potential energy of the intermolecular interactions is greater in magnitude than the kinetic energy.
  • BMaking the potential energy of intermolecular interactions more negative causes 𝑇 C to decrease.
  • CBelow 𝑇 C , the kinetic energy of the molecules is zero.
  • DAbove 𝑇 C , the potential energy of the intermolecular interactions is zero.
  • EThe value of 𝑇 C does not depend on the gas pressure.


Which of the following is not a postulate of kinetic molecular theory?

  • AGas molecules join together very briefly when they collide, acting as a single molecule.
  • BGas molecules exert no attractive or repulsive forces on each other or the container walls; therefore, their collisions are elastic (they do not involve a loss of energy).
  • CGases are composed of molecules that are in continuous motion, travelling in straight lines and changing direction only when they collide with other molecules or with the walls of a container.
  • DThe pressure exerted by a gas in a container results from collisions between the gas molecules and the container walls.
  • EThe molecules composing a gas are negligibly small compared to the distances between them.