Lesson: Percentage Increase and Decrease

In this lesson, we will learn how to increase and decrease a quantity by a percentage to solve real-world problems.



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Worksheet: Percentage Increase and Decrease • 23 Questions • 2 Videos


A neighborhood of 12 houses puts out 84.9 pounds of garbage every week. Given that there was an agreement to decrease the neighborhood’s total garbage weight by 2 0 % , determine how much garbage should be thrown away by each household next week.


Yasmine wants to buy a new backpack which is advertised at $62. Sales tax of must be added to this amount. How much sales tax will she pay?


A family spends 3 1 % of its monthly income on rent and 1 2 % on food and then saves the rest. How much can the family save if its monthly income is 600 LE?


A car dealership purchased a car for 78,000 LE and sold it making a 4 3 % loss. The dealership purchased another car for 41,000 LE and sold it making a 8 % profit. What was the total profit or loss that the dealership made?


This winter, 676 jackets were sold by a clothing shop. Given that this is 2 0 0 % higher than last winter, how many jackets were sold last winter?


A person purchased a house for 900 000 LE. Given that housing prices fell by 7 % , how much can the person sell their house for?


A family spends 3 5 % of their income on food, 3 0 % on rent, 2 5 % on expenses, and the remainder is saved. Given that the family saves 790 LE per month, determine the monthly income of the family.


Engy bought a blouse and a dress from a shop that had a 3 5 % discount on all its goods. Given that the original prices of the blouse and the dress were 380 LE and 420 LE respectively, determine how much Engy paid for them.


The discounted price of a book is 52 LE. If the discount was 3 5 % , what was the original price of the book?


A company used 20 trucks to transport some merchandise. Four of them were 90% full, while the others were only 80% full. How many trucks would have been enough to transport the same amount of merchandise if they had all been completely filled?


A fridge is advertised at a shop for 3‎ ‎140 LE. A discount of 1 0 % is offered and the fridge is sold. If a profit of 5 0 % is made, how much did the fridge cost the shop?


Fady has read 77% of a book, and there are 115 pages left. What is the book’s total number of pages? How many pages has he read already?


When Mariam started secondary school, there were 467 girls and 422 boys in the school. What was the percentage of girls in her school? Give your answer correct to one decimal place.


Adam owns a small store. After he purchases materials to sell, he marks up the prices by . Find, to the nearest cent, the price he originally paid for an item which he is selling for $20.60.


At the last general assembly of a charity, a new president was elected with 66% of the votes of the members present on the voting day. By taking into account the 20 absent members, the president was elected by 55% of the charity members. How many members are there in this charity?


In August, a bookshop sold 600 books. In September, the number of books sold was 1 3 0 % of that in August. Determine the number of books sold in September.


A man purchased a boat for 4,678 LE and spent 4,132 LE on repairing it. A few years later the man sold the boat for 1 0 % less than the total he spent on buying and repairing it. How much did he sell it for?


A new secondary school opened in London, UK, in September 2010, taking in 144 year 7 students. One year later, these 144 students moved to year 8 and 144 new year 7 students were taken in. This pattern continued.

As the diagrams show, between September 2010 and September 2011, the intake increased by 100% (the top diagram) and between September 2011 and September 2012 the intake increased by 50% (the bottom diagram).

What was the increase, in percent, in the student population between 2013 and 2014?

What percent of the initial student population (in 2010) was the student population in 2014?


Olivia used to get a $6 allowance every month; now she gets one-third more. Chloe’s allowance increased by 20%; she used to get $10 each month. Whose allowance increased more in dollars per month?


The price of a piece of fruit increased from 10 LE to 1 200 pt in a year. What is the percentage that the price increased?


The ratio between exports and imports in Egypt in a year was 4 5 . Find the ratio of exports to imports in the year after, if exports increase by 5 0 % and imports decrease by 5 5 % .


Karim has a shirt made from cotton and nylon. The shirt is 4 4 % nylon. Calculate the percentage of cotton in the shirt and its equivalent fraction.


Decrease 90.1 by 1 1 2 % .


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