Nagwa Portals

An easier way to teach!

Get your own online classroom where you can give each of your students access to their own online learning area where they can watch videos, practice questions, access exams, and solve assessments.

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    Worksheets and Questions

    Thousands of automarked questions arranged into worksheets to reinforce understanding and encourage independent learners.

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    Take advantage of our extensive content library to create your own assessments tailored to your students’ needs.

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    Nagwa lessons are aligned with popular textbooks to seamlessly blend with the resources you are already using.

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    Lesson videos to support your students' understanding of key topics and solution videos to turn to if they get stuck.

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    Expertly crafted exam papers complete with model answers and a step-by-step solution video for every question.

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    Nagwa Study

    Students gain full access to our app where they can practice questions, answer assessments, watch videos, and access exam materials. They can study at home, on their way to school, or even during the school day.

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