Video: Creating a Class as an Educator

In this video, we will show you how to create a class as an educator.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will show you how to create a class as an educator.

In order to create a class as an educator, you must be a portal educator and be signed in to

First, click on “Classes” in the toolbar and click “+ New Class”.

Select the year in which you want to create the class. We are going to create a class in “Sixth Year”. Then, create a class code and a title for the class. For example, you could use “T6” for the code and “Transfiguration-6” for the title. The code is used as a quick identifier for the class; just make sure it is formed of 2 to 25 characters, is unique, and doesn’t contain any spaces.

Then, you’ll need to assign a single subject to the class. Here, we are going to choose “Mathematics”. If you are teaching multiple subjects, it’s important to note that you need to create classes for each subject that you teach.

Finally, if you co-teach the class, you can add the co-teachers to the class by clicking in the box; if you don’t co-teach the class, just leave this blank.

Once you’re happy, click “Create a Class”.

Now, you’ll see a green banner saying “The class was added successfully.” And you’ll see your new class in the list of all classes. If an error occurs, a message will appear explaining the problem. If this happens, please follow the guidance and click “Create a Class” again.

Now, we recommend adding some students to the class. Click “Add Students” next to the new class. Click in the box next to “Students” and select the students that you would like to add. Note that you need to add the students individually, and if you need to create more student accounts, contact your portal admin.

To add a course to a class, head back to the “Classes” page and click “Add Courses”. Then, choose the course, or courses, by clicking in the box next to “Courses” and then click “Save”.

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