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Video: Student Account Overview

In this video, we will give you an overview of how to use your portal as a student.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will give you an overview of how to use your portal as a student.

If it’s the very first time that you are logging in, head over to and click on “Sign In”. Input your account username, as given by your teacher, and you will be asked to create and confirm your password. If you’ve already completed this step, input your password and log in.

If at any point you forget your password, ask one of your teachers to reset it for you and the next time you log in, you’ll have the option of picking a new password.

For this video, we will be giving a general overview of how to use your portal and showcasing all of the different features available to you. Note that many of these features will have their own dedicated video guide if you would like more-detailed information.

Once you’re logged in to your portal, you’ll see your dashboard. This gives you a summary of your portal activities and your progress, including information and shortcuts to assessment reports, exam assessment reports, and worksheet reports. You can also see a summary for each category in the statistics section of the dashboard.

Along the top of the screen, you’ll see a toolbar that allows you to navigate between the different portal pages.

To start working on any assignments you have been given, click “Assignments” in the toolbar. You then have three different types of assignments: assessments, exams, and sessions.

Assessments are created by your teacher for you to complete. There are two types of assessments. A normal assessment has no time limit and can be completed at any point between the start and due dates. A quiz is a special type of assessment that has a time limit. That is, once you start the assessment, you have a time limit in which to complete it. This means you should make sure you are ready before you begin!

Sessions are live classes arranged by your portal educator, conducted using our Nagwa Connect app.

To join or view any arranged sessions, click again on “Assignments” and then “Sessions”. You’ll then see a list of all past, live, or upcoming sessions. To join a live session through the browser, just click “Join”. You’ll need to unmute your educator’s microphone and then you’ll be ready to go! You can post messages on the chat feature on the right.

It’s worth noting that you can also join a session by downloading the Nagwa Connect for Students app.

For more information on completing assessments and exams or attending live sessions, we have created separate guide videos to help you.

Next, we’ll look at the “Classes” page. On this page, you’ll be able to see each of the classes that you are associated with. Clicking on the classes gives you access to the class wall.

The class wall allows you to watch videos and download any files that your teacher has shared with the class. You can also add comments to any of the existing posts on the class wall. This allows you to send replies or follow-up questions on any of the posts your teacher has added.

You’ll also notice there is a “Files” section at the top of each class wall. This gives a summary of all the files your teacher has uploaded here. You’ll need to return to the class wall to view any videos, but this menu lets you quickly search for and download files.

The class wall is a great way for your teacher to communicate with your class, so be sure to check it regularly!

Finally, let’s look at the “Courses” page. Here, you’ll see the courses that your teachers have assigned to any of your classes. Just click on one of the course thumbnails to see the entire list of lessons associated with the course. You can work through these lessons independently or as directed by your teacher.

Click on one of the lessons to view the lesson page and all of the associated materials. Two of the core components for each lesson are the lesson video and the worksheet. The lesson video teaches you the core content for the lesson topic, and the worksheet provides you with a way to practice your skills and receive instant feedback on a wide variety of questions ranging in difficulty. We recommend watching the lesson videos first and then practicing the worksheets.

Some lessons will also have additional resources such as explainers and presentations. Generally speaking, these resources provide different ways to learn or extra details on the lesson topic.

For more information on these resources, we have created a separate guide video related to lessons.

Another feature of portals is the global search at the top right of the page.

This feature can be used to navigate to a particular lesson, by typing keywords in the search box. For example, we could search for the words volume and sphere to find the lesson on the Volumes of Spheres.

Once you’ve found the correct lesson, click on the title to navigate to the lesson page. One final note, on the right-hand side of each lesson page, you’ll be able to see the courses that a lesson belongs to. Expanding these gives you a quick way to find similar lessons that you can move on to when you’re ready!

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