Video: Assigning a Course to a Class

In this video, we will show you how to assign a course to a class.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will show you how to assign a course to a class.

To assign a course to a class, you must be a portal educator and be signed in to

First, click on “Courses”, and you’ll see the full list of courses that can be linked to your classes. If you don’t use a specific textbook, we would recommend linking one of our Nagwa courses, for example, “Mathematics GCSE Higher Level”.

Make a note of the title of the course you would like to link so that it’s easy to find in the next step.

Once you’ve chosen your course, head to “Classes”. If you or your portal admin have created your classes, you’ll see your list of classes here. Now, click “Add Courses” next to the class that you would like to add a course to. We are going to add a course to “Transfiguration-4”.

Now, click the box where it says “Choose Courses”. You’ll see the same list of courses you saw on the “Courses” page. We are going to add “Mathematics GCSE Higher Level”, so either scroll down the list until you find the course or start typing the name of the course in the box until the list narrows to the point where it’s easy to discover. Click the name of the course, and if you only want to link one course, click “Save”. If you’d like to add more than one course, you can click back in the box and locate the second course in the same way as before.

Once you click “Save”, you’ll be taken to the “Classes” page so that you can easily continue to add courses to your other classes.

If we head over briefly to look at a student account, they’ll see any courses linked to their portal on the home page when they first log in. They can jump straight into their learning by clicking on the course and then clicking on one of the lessons!

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