Video: Completing a Lesson

In this video, we will show you how to complete a lesson.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will show you how to complete a lesson.

To complete a lesson, you must have a student account and be signed in to

When you log in, and if your teacher has assigned a course to your portal, you will see this on your home page. If you don’t see a course here, ask your teacher if they can add one for you.

Click on a course and you’ll see a full list of lessons that you can start working through to improve your skills and build your confidence.

For example, if you have just learned about negative exponents or indeed are about to learn about them and would like a head start, you can click on the lesson called “Simplifying Monomials: Negative Exponents” and you will be taken to the Nagwa lesson.

Generally, a lesson contains a lesson video, some question videos, and a worksheet. Some of our lessons also contain an explainer, like this one!

The lesson video will provide you with an excellent introduction to the topic and give you the skills to complete the questions in the worksheet. We’d recommend rewatching any parts of the video that you find particularly difficult and pausing the video when necessary to give yourself time to work through any of the more challenging examples.

If the lesson has an explainer, this contains key definitions and rules, interesting concepts related to the lesson, and example questions.

You’ll also see some sample question videos, but I wouldn’t watch these yet. Instead, you can start practising the worksheet. If you click “Preview”, you’ll see all of the questions from the worksheet. If there is a video symbol next to the question, this means that there is a question video showing you how to answer it.

Head back to the lesson page and we can start practising the worksheet. Work out the answer to the question using a pencil and paper and then submit them by choosing your preferred answer or inputting into the box.

If you’re finding a question particularly difficult, some of the questions have video solutions which you can watch to support your learning, and others have a text solution that you can work through.

Once you input an answer, you’ll get instant feedback as to whether you answered correctly.

You can skip a question if you need to, but don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to answer any skipped questions at the end. As you progress through, you’ll see your progress update on the chart to the right.

You can keep track of your progress by heading over to “Reports” on the toolbar. Now, click on “Worksheets Reports” and you’ll see a complete list of all the worksheets that you have so far attempted. If you want to review your answers, click on “View” next to the worksheet of interest and you’ll see a summary of your answers.

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