Video: Creating Multiple Student Accounts

In this video, we will show you how to create multiple student accounts.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will show you how to create multiple student accounts.

In order to create multiple student accounts, you must be a portal admin and be signed in to

Click on “Add Student” under “Activities”, or click on “Users” in the toolbar, then click “Students”, and finally click “+ New Student”.

Now, we need to select “Multiple”, and you’ll see the screen update. At this stage, we recommend downloading our template sheet by clicking the green link.

Open the template sheet and you’ll see five column headings: “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Year Code”, “Class Code”, and “Student ID”.

Now, we need to complete the information in the five columns, making sure that the year codes and the class codes match those that you set when creating your years and classes.

For example, we have a student called “Hermione Granger” in “Fourth Year” in our “Transfiguration” class, so I will input “Hermione”, “Granger”, “4Y” (which is my code for “Fourth Year”), and “T1”, my code for “Transfiguration”.

If a student is a member of multiple classes, you can add additional codes to the “Class Code” column; just separate them with a comma. For example, Hermione is also a member of our “Potions” class, which has a code P1, so we will add this now.

We then need to input a Student ID—we will use 1001—but make sure this code is unique. If you have a system that already contains student IDs, we suggest using these, but if not, we suggest generating a list of numerically increasing—unique—codes, for example, 1001, 1002, 1003, and so on.

The second student that we would like to add is “Ronald Weasley” who is in the same classes as Hermione. So, we add “Ronald”, “Weasley”, “4Y” (for the year code), “T1,P1” (for the class codes), and “1002” for the student ID. We will only add these two students for now, but to add more, we would continue filling in the required data for each student.

Once you’re happy that all the students have been added to the sheet, save it and upload it by clicking “Attach File”. Select the correct sheet, and you will see the “Attach File” box update to the name of the sheet. Then, click “Upload”.

You’ll now see a screen titled “Select Titles”. Here, you need to confirm which data is given in each column.

If you have used the template sheet, or the first row of your sheet contains titles, select “Ignore first row or header” and it will strike out all of the first row.

Now, select the correct information given in each title:

”First Name”, “Last Name”, “Year Code”, “Class Code”, and “Student Code”. Once each title is selected, it will turn green. Once you’re happy, click “Process”. You’ll then see a green banner saying “Student was added successfully.”

If an error does occur, you’ll see a red banner explaining any problems. If this happens, fix the issues and upload the sheet again.

You’ll see the full list of students by clicking “Users” and then “Students”, but please be aware that sometimes the system takes a little bit of time to update, so you may need to wait a little while before you see your students appear in this list.

It’s worth noting that the students’ usernames for their accounts are listed in the fourth column of this list, and it’s this username that they will use to sign in to their portal.

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