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Lesson Flashcards: Components of the Human Immune System Biology

Antibody (immunoglobulin, Ig)

A globular protein produced by B lymphocytes that is adapted to bind with a specific antigen


An organ in the chest cavity that has both endocrine and immune functions


A chemical messenger that functions in communication between cells of the immune system


Immune organs in the throat that trap pathogens that might enter our body from the air we breathe and the food we eat

Red bone marrow

Tissue found inside flat bones and in the ends of long bones that generates red and white blood cells

Immune system

A collection of organs, tissues, cells, and chemicals that work together to prevent illness

Peyer’s patches

Clusters of immune cells located in the lower small intestine


A type of granulocyte, a phagocytic cell, that engulfs and destroys pathogens in the immune response

Lymph node

A small organ that is found at junctures throughout the lymphatic system and houses mature and immature immune cells and filters the lymph fluid

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