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Lesson Flashcards: Systems of Classification Biology

Kingdom Fungi

The kingdom that includes immobile, heterotrophic organisms like mushrooms, mold, and yeast

Kingdom Monera

The kingdom that houses all prokaryotes. It is one of the five kingdoms in Whittaker's classification system.

Carl Linnaeus

The botanist who proposed a classification system of two kingdoms: the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom

Eukaryotic organism (or eukaryote)

An organism whose cells possess a nucleus. It may be unicellular or multicellular.

Prokaryotic organism (or prokaryote)

An organism that does not possess a nucleus. All organisms of this type are unicellular.

Biological classification

The grouping of organisms based on meaningful similarities

Kingdom Protista

The kingdom that encompasses all eukaryotic and unicellular life that is not plant, animal, or fungus

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