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Lesson Flashcards: Enzymes Biology


A substance that lowers the activation energy required for a chemical reaction to occur without being used up itself so that the overall reaction occurs at a faster rate


The substance complementary in shape to an enzyme’s active site upon which an enzyme acts


A biological catalyst that speeds up the rate of reactions without being used up

Kinetic energy

Energy that is associated with movement

Complementary shape/fit

A term describing that only substrates of a specific shape will fit in an enzyme’s active site and undergo a chemical reaction

Proenzymes (zymogens)

Inactive forms of enzymes that need certain substances or conditions available to activate them

Enzyme denaturation

The process that occurs when an enzyme’s active site changes shape so that it no longer has a complementary shape to its specific substrate molecule

Active site

The region of an enzyme molecule to which a specific substrate will bind and undergo a chemical reaction

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