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Lesson Flashcards: Chemical Analysis Chemistry

Combustion analysis

An analytical technique where an unknown pure compound is reacted with oxygen and the combustion products are measured


A limited quantity of a material that is intended to be similar to and represent that material

Gas test

Any chemical test that can be used to determine the identity of an unknown gas

Flame test

An analytical technique that uses the color of a Bunsen burner flame to detect the presence of certain metal ions


A sample that contains more than one chemical substance

Volumetric analysis

An analytical technique where the amount of a substance is determined by measuring its volume or by measuring the volume of a second substance that reacts with it

Gravimetric analysis

An analytical technique that can be used to quantify an analyte based on its mass

Precipitation reaction

The formation of an insoluble salt from the reaction of two soluble salts

Quantitative analysis

Analytical techniques used to determine the abundances of elements and compounds in chemical samples


The substance in the sample that is being investigated

Qualitative analysis

Analytical methods used to identify substances in chemical samples

Pure sample

A sample that contains a single chemical substance

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