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Lesson Flashcards: Hormones in Plants Biology

Lateral bud

A side bud of a plant that drives sideways shoot growth


Plant hormones that control cell elongation in addition to their many other roles, including maintaining apical dominance and phototropic responses


A directional growth or movement response either away from or toward a stimulus


Any change in a living organism’s internal or external environment that can influence the organism’s activity

IAA (indole-3-acetic acid)

An example of an auxin produced, mostly in the apex (or bud) and in young developing leaves of plants, that induces cell division and elongation


A sheath protecting a young shoot tip in a grass plant


Special proteins that are activated by light and stimulate the transport of auxins away from the region where light is detected

Apical bud

The top bud of the plant, found at the tip of the stem, that drives the upward shoot growth

Negative tropism

The directional growth or movement response toward a stimulus


The response of an organism by growing toward or away from light

Positive tropism

The directional growth or movement response away from a stimulus

Apical dominance

The term given to the tendency of plants to show more upward growth than sideways or lateral growth, as side shoot growth is inhibited by certain hormones

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