Lesson Flashcards: Hydrocarbons Chemistry


Molecules that have the same molecular formula but differ from one another in how their atoms are connected

Straight-chain hydrocarbon

A hydrocarbon whose carbon atoms are bonded together in one continuous chain

Unsaturated hydrocarbon

A hydrocarbon that contains at least one double or triple carbon–carbon bond

Molecular formula

A chemical formula expressing the exact number of the types of atoms of each element in a molecule

Condensed formula

A shorter version of a structural formula where like units are combined together in parentheses

Saturated hydrocarbon

A hydrocarbon that only consists of single covalent bonds between carbon atoms


An unsaturated hydrocarbon that contains at least one carbon–carbon triple bond


An unsaturated hydrocarbon that contains at least one carbon–carbon double bond

Organic chemistry

A branch of chemistry that studies the structure, properties, and reactions of carbon-containing compounds

Displayed formula

A representation of a molecule showing all of the atoms and bonds

Structural formula

A text representation of the bonding in a molecule where the atoms are written in the order they are connected


A molecule composed of only carbon and hydrogen atoms

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