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Lesson Flashcards: Plant Defenses against Pathogens Biology


The outgrowths of the living tissues surrounding xylem vessels that close up the vascular tissue following infection to prevent any further damage

Potato blight

A disease caused by the spores of a fungus-like protist that causes potato tubers to rot and decay


A polymer that is found in some specialized cell walls to mainly provide mechanical support


The death of all living individuals of a certain species

Acquired immunity

A type of immunity that is gained by an organism across its lifetime, including immunity gained after exposure to a disease or immunity acquired from another organism, as opposed to immunity an organism has innately

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)

A virus that affects many different species, especially tobacco and tomato plants

Cell wall

A rigid structural layer found outside the cell membrane of plant, fungal, and bacterial cells


The waxy layer that coats the epidermis of the aerial parts of a plant


Molecules embedded in the cell membrane of cells that respond specifically to a particular stimulus and can identify cells as “self” or “nonself”

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