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Lesson Flashcards: Specific Immune Response: Cell Mediated Biology

T cell receptor (TCR)

A protein found on the surface of T cells that binds with a specific complementary antigen


A type of cytokine that regulates immune responses

Cell-mediated immunity

The part of the adaptive immune response that involves cytotoxic T cells targeting infected cells, cancer cells, or foreign cells

Suppressor T cells (T suppressor cells, regulatory T cells)

Immune cells that can inhibit the activity of other immune cells

Clonal selection

The process by which T cells and B cells with receptors that bond with specific antigens are selected to multiply and proliferate

Antigen-presenting cell (APC)

A type of immune cell that helps to trigger an immune response by presenting antigens bound to its surface to other immune cells

Cytotoxic T cell

A type of immune cell that can kill certain cells, including foreign cells, cancer cells, and cells infected with a virus

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