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Lesson Flashcards: Transport in the Xylem

Cohesion–adhesion (cohesion–tension) theory of water movement

The name of the theory that describes the two forces in the xylem vessels that help transport water upward against gravity, from the roots to the leaves


The name of the process in which a cell wall absorbs water, swelling up and increasing its volume


The loss of water through evaporation from the leaves or aerial parts of a plant into the atmosphere


The process that converts carbon dioxide and water into sugars, such as glucose, and oxygen in the presence of sunlight


The process in which plant sap oozes out of a cut plant tissue


The strong attractive force between different water molecules that causes them to stick together

Capillary action

The ability for water to travel upward against gravity in a narrow space

Xylem sap

The liquid moving within the xylem vessels that consists mainly of water and some mineral nutrients

Root pressure

The upward pressure developed in the roots by the push of water molecules into the roots through osmosis

Stomata (stomas)

Small openings typically found on the underside of a leaf that allow for efficient gas exchange with the plants' environment

Xylem vessels

Very long tubelike structures joined end to end that transport the majority of water from the roots to the leaves

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