Lesson Flashcards: Alloys Chemistry • 10th Grade

Ductile materials

Materials that can be drawn out into long and thin wires without breaking

Interstitial alloys

Alloys that generally contain atoms that have very different bonding characteristics and diameters


An alloy of titanium and nickel


An alloy of iron and carbon


An alloy of copper and tin


Metallic solid solutions that contain at least two different types of elements of which one is a metal

Substitutional alloys

Alloys that contain two different types of atoms that have similar bonding characteristics and diameters


An alloy of aluminum and copper

Malleable materials

Materials that can be hammered or pressed into different shapes and thin sheets without breaking or cracking


An alloy of copper and zinc


An alloy of copper and nickel

Lustrous materials

Materials that can reflect light evenly and efficiently without glitter or sparkle

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