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Nagwa Mathematics

With millions of mathematics questions supported by solved examples and explanatory videos, Nagwa Mathematics app provides students with an interactive environment to practice mathematics and develop their skills, anytime and anywhere, for free.

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Extensive Practicing

Students have access to millions of mathematics questions, which can help them master numerous skills by practicing as much as they want while tracking their scores and performance.

Solved Examples

Solved examples are provided in different forms to help the students understand the questions and enable them to solve the mathematical concepts in hand.

Multilingual Content

The app is currently supported in both English and Arabic. Curriculums of several countries are supported as well.

Video Explanations

Questions are also supported by thousands of short videos that provide step-by-step explanations on how to solve different questions, helping students fully grasp the answers through sight and sound.

Personalized System

The app has a responsive intelligent system that tracks the students’ progress and their answer patterns to provide them with questions suited to their level, allowing them to learn progressively at their own pace.

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Nagwa Mathematics

Download Nagwa app now and enjoy a new world of learning opportunities.

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