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This live online math course, developed and delivered by our expert tutors, gives you a comprehensive grounding in Precalculus through interactive sessions, carefully prepared worksheets, and professional guidance.

Session 1: Drawing Graphs of Functions

Session 2: Characteristics of Graphs of Functions

Session 3: Transformations of Graphs

Session 4: Composite and Inverse Functions

Session 5: Linear and Quadratic Functions

Session 6: Polynomial Functions

Session 7: Upper and Lower Bound Tests for Polynomial Functions

Session 8: Rational Functions

Session 9: Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

Session 10: Exponential Functions

Session 11: Logarithmic Functions

Session 12: Properties of Logarithms

Session 13: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Session 14: Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Session 15: Trigonometric Ratios

Session 16: Graphing Periodic and Trigonometric Functions

Session 17: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Session 18: Trigonometric Identities

Session 19: Solving Trigonometric Equations

Session 20: Angle Sum and Difference Formulas

Session 21: Double-Angle and Half-Angle Formulas

Session 22: Law of Sines

Session 23: Law of Cosines

Session 24: Polar Coordinates

Session 25: Graphing Polar Curves

Session 26: Vectors in a Plane

Session 27: The Dot Product

Session 28: Vectors in Space

Session 29: The Cross Product

Session 30: Complex Numbers and Complex Roots

Session 31: The Complex Plane

Session 32: Forms of Complex Numbers

Session 33: De Moivre's Theorem

Session 34: Identifying Conic Sections

Session 35: Equation of a Parabola

Session 36: Equation of an Ellipse

Session 37: Equation of a Hyperbola

Session 38: Polar Equation of a Conic

Session 39: Parametric Equations and Curves in Two Dimensions

Session 40: Conversion between Parametric and Rectangular Equations

Session 41: Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Session 42: Matrix Operations

Session 43: Systems of Equations and Matrices

Session 44: Determinants

Session 45: Solving Systems Using Determinants

Session 46: Partial Fractions: Linear Factors

Session 47: Partial Fractions: Quadratic Factors

Session 48: Linear Programming

Session 49: Sequences

Session 50: Arithmetic Series

Session 51: Geometric Series

Session 52: Mathematical Induction

Session 53: Binomial Theorem

Session 54: Counting

Session 55: Permutations and Combinations

Session 56: Using Permutations and Combinations to Find Probabilities

Session 57: Introduction to Limits

Session 58: Properties of Limits

Session 59: Continuity

Session 60: The Intermediate Value Theorem

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