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Nagwa Portals

An easier way to teach!

A Nagwa Portal is a fantastically cost-effective online educational platform with achievement boosting analytical tools, a brilliant virtual classroom, and an ever-expanding set of outstanding learning resources.

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    Easily assign homeworks, quizzes, and exams

    Take advantage of our extensive question bank to create your own auto-marked assessments and quizzes tailored to your students’ needs. You can also assign them expertly crafted exam papers complete with model answers and a step-by-step solution video for every question.

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    Gain insights into the performance of your students

    Nagwa Analytics gives you a vast range of detailed diagnostic reports and charts showing the performance and academic profile of your students, allowing you to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

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    Speed up lesson preparation

    A Nagwa Portal gives you access to an ever-expanding set of videos, questions, and text material aligned with popular textbooks to seamlessly blend with the resources you are already using.

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    Communicate and share with your students

    Keep students updated by posting messages on a class wall. You can use an online library to store documents, videos, and images sharing them with your class whenever you want.

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    Create your own educational videos

    Use Nagwa Studio, an interactive digital whiteboard application that helps you easily create and share videos with your students.

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    Connect with an online classroom

    Use Nagwa Connect to teach your students online in a virtual classroom with interactive tools that keeps them engaged.

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Nagwa makes learning more exciting, and it improves students’ understanding of questions by using different forms of solutions. It helps them enjoy their lessons and encourages them to practice more.

  • Mr. Mohamed Tarek
  • Math Team
  • Egypt

There is much on the market in terms of support for specific topic revision but very little in terms of exam paper support. Nagwa very nicely filled that gap for Colmers. The extra exam papers are of an excellent quality and the clever use of model answers plus guidance as to how to answer a question is of high quality. This is further supported by video walkthroughs of each question which our pupils found invaluable. The clarity and simplicity of use is spot on! A well-priced superb resource!

  • M Fox
  • Colmers School
  • UK

I have to make quizzes on a weekly basis for my students but that consumes a lot of time. Now, I can focus all of my attention on my students. Nagwa Portals helps save time by having these quizzes online where my students can solve later in their homes. Also, the questions bank is very convenient because I can choose questions to create assignments and quizzes. Thank you Nagwa.

  • Mai Mamdouh
  • Math Teacher
  • Egypt

Nagwa is one of the best companies interested in educational affairs in and outside of Egypt. And as a teacher, Nagwa has helped me a lot in finishing my tasks quicker, and I was able to use technology to deliver information better which ultimately had a nice payoff for my students.

  • Mr. Mahmoud Sultan
  • Math Supervisor
  • Noor Language School
  • Egypt

Nagwa provides questions and exercises for the lessons which help students learn and understand the problems quicker. It’s also very organized.

  • Haneen Abo El Futouh
  • Student
  • Noor Language School
  • Egypt

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