Listening Exercise: Ecotourism in the Seychelles English •

In this exercise, we will practise listening for gist, detail and specific information in the context of ecotourism.

Correct Answer

Incorrect Answer

Listening for Gist


Did Safia enjoy visiting the Seychelles?

  • AYes, she liked just relaxing and sunbathing.
  • BNo, she didn’t like caring for the sea turtles.
  • CYes, she liked the volunteers.
  • DYes, she did enjoy it.
  • ENo, it was a lot of work.


Please listen to the extract below and fill in the blanks with the specific words used in the audio:

Safia to be an .

  • Awanted, ecotourism
  • Bwants, ecotourism
  • Cwanted, ecotourist
  • Dwented, ecotourist
  • Ewanting, ecotourism


What group of words would you expect to find in a text about someone’s holiday abroad?

  • Aorangutan, mosquito, lemur, dragon, turtle, spider.
  • Bgardening, vegetables, wildlife, grow, farmer, trees.
  • Cstressful, teacher, educate, classes, lessons, classroom.
  • Drelaxing, tourist, pool, destination, exotic, sunshine.
  • Epollution, victim, worry, rebuild, avoid, law.


What didn’t Safia do on her holiday?

  • AWork with conservationists
  • BRelax on the beach.
  • CSee female turtles laying eggs
  • DGo trekking into the jungle.
  • EGo diving in the sea.


What did Safia collect from the beach?

  • AA wetsuit
  • BCrabs
  • CBaby turtles
  • DTurtle eggs
  • ESand


What type of interaction is this?

  • Aa conversation.
  • Ban interview.
  • Can announcement at the airport.
  • Dan oral telling of a story.
  • Ea prepared talk, lecture or presentation.


What does “endangered” mean?

  • AIt is an adjective, meaning “something that is disappearing forever”.
  • BIt is a verb, meaning “to disappear forever”.
  • CIt is an adjective meaning “able to cause harm or damage”.
  • DIt is a verb, meaning “to put someone in danger”.
  • EIt is an adjective meaning “something that is already gone”.


What are the main activities mentioned in this text?

  • ADiving and taking pictures underwater.
  • BRelaxing and sunbathing on the beach.
  • CVolunteering and caring for baby turtles, sharks and palm trees.
  • DHiking into the jungle.
  • EVolunteering and caring for baby turtles.


What is Omar mainly doing throughout this interaction?

  • Aanswering questions
  • Barguing with Safia
  • Cstating his opinion
  • Dgiving an example
  • Easking questions


What does “measure” mean?

  • AIt means “working out the size of something”.
  • BIt means “a small insect that bites”.
  • CIt means “counting numbers”.
  • DIt means “something new”.
  • EIt means “the things used for building something”.


What does Omar say are the usual activities that make up a beach holiday?

  • ATaking pictures and swimming
  • BGetting bitten by a snake
  • CVolunteering, diving, and hiking
  • DSunbathing, eating, drinking and relaxing
  • EHelping baby animals


Which tense is the verb dive in this audio?

  • APast simple tense
  • BFuture simple tense
  • CPast continuous tense
  • DPresent continuous tense
  • EPresent simple tense


Does this text describe a usual beach break?

  • AYes, it was a usual beach break, with lots of sunbathing.
  • BYes, it was an unusual beach break.
  • CNo, it was an unusual beach break, because there was a lot of voluntary work.
  • DYes, it was a usual beach break.
  • ENo, it was an unusual beach break, because Safia went diving with sharks.


What is the antonym for ugly used in this audio?

  • Abeautiful
  • Bclean
  • Crelaxing
  • Dblue
  • Ecrowded


Please listen to the extract below and fill in the blanks with the specific words used in the audio:

When Safia , she lots of protection from the sun.

  • Asunbathed, wore
  • Bwas sunbathing, wore
  • Csunbathing, wear
  • Dis sunbathing, wear
  • Esunbathing, wore


Who would you expect to have an interaction like this?

  • AA teacher and a student.
  • BClose friends.
  • CA resident of the Seychelles and a tourist.
  • DA hotel receptionist and a guest staying at the hotel.
  • EA volunteer and an animal they are looking after.

Listening for Detail and Specific Information


What does “ecotourism” mean?

  • AIt means “spending time on holiday”.
  • BIt means “a type of holiday that doesn’t harm the natural world”.
  • CIt means “a natural system in which animals and plants are all connected.”
  • DIt means “a type of holiday that harms the environment”.
  • EIt means “someone who goes on holiday”.


What tone best describes this interaction?

  • Afriendly and positive.
  • Bserious and formal.
  • Csad and regretful.
  • Dangry and resentful.
  • Enegative and threatening.


What is Safia’s purpose in this interaction?

  • Ato entertain Omar and make him laugh.
  • Bto give Omar information about the Seychelles.
  • Cto tell Omar what she did on holiday.
  • Dto give Omar instructions about how to get to the Seychelles.
  • Eto persuade Omar to go to the Seychelles.


Who does the pronoun them refer to in this audio?

  • ABaby sea turtles
  • BBaby lemon sharks
  • CBirds and crabs
  • DSea snakes
  • ESea turtles


Who went on holiday?

  • AOmar did.
  • BIt doesn’t say.
  • CBoth Safia and Omar did.
  • DNeither Safia nor Omar did.
  • ESafia did.


What does Safia mention buying in the audio?

  • AA plane ticket to the Seychelles.
  • BMany drinks.
  • CHotel accommodation.
  • DA wetsuit.
  • EAn underwater camera.


What is the antonym for empty used in this audio?

  • Ablue
  • Babsolute
  • Cclean
  • Dcrowded
  • Erelaxing

Extended Listening


What does “conservation” mean?

  • AIt means “a person whose job is to protect animals and natural things, like forests”.
  • BIt means “jam or marmalade”.
  • CIt means “talking to someone”.
  • DIt means “harming animals and natural things, like forests”.
  • EIt means “protecting animals and natural things, like forests, from being destroyed”.


Please listen to the extract below and fill in the blanks with the specific words used in the audio:

Keeping the eggs and is called incubation.

  • Asafety, warming
  • Bspicy, worn
  • Csafe, worried
  • Dsafe, warm
  • Esafety, warm


What is the synonym for hike used in this audio?

  • Arelease
  • Btrek
  • Ctake
  • Dwent
  • Eare


What is the holiday destination mentioned in the text?

  • AThe coast of East Africa.
  • BSome islands.
  • CThe Seychelles.
  • DSpain.
  • EA beach holiday.


What is the antonym for usual used in this audio?

  • Areally
  • Bunusual
  • Crelax
  • Dnot normal
  • Eactive


What did Safia need to be careful of when she was diving?

  • AAdult sea turtles
  • BSea snakes and sharks
  • CBirds and crabs
  • DBaby turtles and baby lemon sharks
  • EVarious wild animals


Why did Safia find the Seychelles relaxing?

  • ABecause they were very isolated.
  • BBecause they weren’t too crowded.
  • CBecause it was very sunny there.
  • DBecause she was helping out with sea turtles.
  • EBecause she was volunteering.


Who does the pronoun they refer to in this audio?

  • Athe conservationists
  • Bsea turtles
  • CSafia and the conservationists
  • Dthe Seychelle Islands
  • Ea conservation team


Please listen to the extract below and fill in the blanks with the specific words used in the audio:

Ecotourism is when you and wildlife and other natural things.

  • Aprotection, harm
  • Bprotect, not harm
  • Cprotecting, not harming
  • Dprotection, not harm
  • Eprotect, harm

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